McNabb & Lucuk LLP is an accounting firm built around one purpose: supporting growth-minded entrepreneurs and organizations in the Peace Region.

We believe that a strong local economy is the product of leaders getting the right help at the right time through the right approach.

The support we offer goes beyond just producing accurate returns and financial statements. Our real value comes from our insights and strategic partnerships.

After all, it’s not just about reporting the numbers. It’s also about improving them.

Our motto (“save, protect, grow”) is also our business model. We leverage our tools and resources to help clients:

  • Save their money (using tax optimization strategies).
  • Protect their assets (through effective structuring).
  • Grow their businesses (by planning with the future in mind).


We see things like integrity and competence as minimum requirements. Going beyond the fundamentals, we put a big priority on:

  • Responsiveness (getting back to clients quickly).
  • Approachability (professional, but with personality).
  • Flexibility (working around unique needs and schedules).


McNabb Lucuk LLP’s founders were originally local partners in a network of accounting firms spread across Northern Alberta. As of January 2015, they decided to split off on their own so as to offer tailored services that match the unique conditions of the Peace Region.

Marlin Lucuk, CPA, CGA


As a partner of McNabb Lucuk Chartered Professional Accountants, Marlin Lucuk provides his clients with exceptional service and smart, strategic advice to help them grow their businesses.

Marlin has a unique, balanced understanding of customer service, marketing, and how to run a profitable business. His clients appreciate how comfortable he makes them feel and are grateful for his wisdom and friendly advice.

The people who work at McNabb Lucuk know that they can count on Marlin to be there when they need guidance and support. An approachable leader who promotes an encouraging work atmosphere, Marlin has built a loyal, happy team around him that works well together.

For Marlin, family is his top priority. His flexible schedule allows him to accommodate his clients and still be there to make memories with his wife and two daughters. He carries that “family first” value into his business too, making sure his staff members have time for the moments that matter outside of work.

With representatives at all three local Business Networking International chapters, McNabb Lucuk Chartered Professional Accountants has developed a network of partners to connect clients with the professionals they need to advance their businesses. McNabb Lucuk is also a proud member of the Grande Prairie and District Chamber of Commerce.

Duncan McNabb, CPA, CA, CIRP


From the beginning, Duncan McNabb has always wanted to be in charge of his own destiny. While studying Business Administration at Grande Prairie Regional College, he discovered a hidden talent – accounting. Then, he joined forces with Marlin Lucuk to create a new firm focused on providing value to customers and community – McNabb Lucuk LLP Chartered Professional Accountants.

In both life and business, Duncan leads with integrity, treating everyone he meets with kindness and respect. As Partner, he provides consistent, high-quality work for his clients and offers trustworthy leadership to his team members. His open-door policy means he’s always willing to hear their questions, concerns and ideas.

Duncan is skilled at seeing the bigger picture, helping business owners minimize their taxes and find ways to grow. Specializing in bankruptcy and insolvency, he also serves as a discreet, knowledgeable resource for those looking into all possible options. His clients respect his professionalism and feel happy and satisfied with the service he provides. During times of struggle and success, they know they can count on him for solid advice.

Diligent and hard working, Duncan has surrounded himself with like-minded people in his own business. He says the best part of working at his firm is the fantastic team around him that appreciates his healthy sense of humour and balanced approached to work and home life.

A longstanding local, Duncan feels Grande Prairie is the perfect-sized city because it has every convenience you need within a 15-minute commute. He is also a member of BNI (Business Networking International) Alberta North. When he isn’t working with clients or staff, Duncan loves to spend family time hiking in the mountains with his wife and three kids. He also enjoys a night out at the movies and relaxing occasionally with a good book.


McNabb Lucuk LLP’s founders were originally local partners in a network of accounting firms spread across Northern Alberta. As of January 2015, they decided to split off on their own so as to offer tailored services that match the unique conditions of the Peace Region.

Terri Boucher, CPA, CMA


In her position as an Associate of McNabb Lucuk LLP Chartered Professional Accountants, Terri Boucher builds trust with clients, partners, and staff from her years of experience in accounting and beyond. A natural people person, Terri brings a warm, caring attitude and a willingness to listen to everyone she meets. For Terri, each day is a chance to learn something new. She is a loyal, dedicated professional who has been a much-valued team member for over a decade.

Terri specializes in corporate and personal tax, financial statements, and tax planning, offering her clients friendly, sound advice, and a sense of direction. Always willing to help them and answer their questions, she takes the extra step of explaining different options to them so they can reach their goals faster. Her younger clients in particular appreciate Terri’s transparency and guidance in helping them make the most of their money.

Clients respect Terri’s inviting personality and enjoy her engaging sense of humour, developing valuable, long-term relationships with her. They trust that she will consistently support them with honesty and integrity. Terri is part of a professional team that possesses years of tax and accounting experience and can assist her with providing answers to client questions.

Terri manages the staff and workflow for the company and oversees Street Tax, a division of McNabb Lucuk. She leads by example with her mentorship skills and strong work ethic, helping to bring in new clients and staff members. She thrives in the supportive, success-driven team atmosphere at McNabb Lucuk, upholding the firm’s top guiding principles, helping clients:

  • save their money
  • protect their assets, and
  • grow their businesses.

Terri is also a member of BNI Northern Connections in Grande Prairie. She is a dedicated hockey mom to her teenage son and likes to ride horses, spend time with her own mom, and read. Someday, she’d like to experience the beauty of Canada’s stunning east coast.

Natasha Lenko, CPA, CA


As an Associate at McNabb Lucuk LLP Chartered Professional Accountants, Natasha Lenko pairs her dedication to detail and accuracy with her friendliness and positivity, making sure every client feels listened to and respected when working with her. Natasha is a skilled problem-solver, offering valuable solutions and overall peace of mind for each of her clients.

Born and raised in Grande Prairie, Natasha grew up with a unique understanding of the local economy and its different facets. Her love of numbers led Natasha to pursue her Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in accounting and receiving her Chartered Accountant designation. During her time in the CA program, Natasha was mentored by Partner Duncan McNabb – “the best that I could learn from,” she says. Natasha always wanted to work for a local, client-focused firm where she would have opportunities to learn the intricacies of the accounting world, so McNabb Lucuk was her ideal fit.

Natasha is well versed in corporate and personal taxes as well as review and audit engagements, among other services the firm provides. Her clients value her dedication and transparency as she handles their files and answers their questions.

Within her shared role as an Associate of McNabb Lucuk, Natasha balances being an effective leader and team player. She oversees the company’s workflow, ensuring tasks are completed accurately and on schedule. Natasha also mentors CPA students at McNabb Lucuk, coming full-circle from her own start with the company.

She enjoys the variety of clients she’s able to help from different industries, making sure they feel empowered and ready for what’s ahead. Natasha takes the time to get to know her clients on a personal level to better understand their goals. In all she does, Natasha aims to be as helpful, efficient, and prepared as possible.

Natasha holds a genuine appreciation for the “amazing and kind” partners at McNabb Lucuk and their commitment to integrity. She has been a proud team member for over ten years. Outside of work, Natasha can be found enjoying time with her husband and their two boys.


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We want your respect. But we want to earn it — and not for what we did in college, or because of the brand of tie we wear. We want the level of excellence that we apply to your personal case to be the defining standard for how you see us. Beyond all the jargon, we want to be real people helping real people. We believe in partnerships, not service arrangements. We appreciate the diversity of backgrounds and businesses that our clients represent. Some come from small farms. Some from city condos. Some have established corporations with multiple offices. Some are working on getting their first employee or their second truck. We do our best to help everyone where they’re at, while gently aiming them towards where they want to go. We live in the same neighbourhoods as many of our clients. Our kids go to the same schools. And we all want them to inherit a healthy and prosperous community, built on the values that got us this far.This is a responsibility we take very seriously.We provide generous support to a number of local charities. Additionally, several members of our staff serve on local boards for groups like the SPCA and United Way. But giving is only part of the puzzle. To keep the future bright, we have to do our part to support the ability of local businesses to generate enough profits to be generous. This is what we’ll be judged on in the long-term, and this is what keeps us coming back every day. At McNabb Lucuk LLP Chartered Professional Accounts, we are committed to offering you the highest grade of professionalism. We offer a wide range of Business Consulting Services. What is Business Consulting? How can we help you? We provide a multitude of services that can help you become completely financially independent. It’s our goal to do be more than just a financial service to your organization. We want to help your organization become self-sufficient. Your time is worth more than just money. We have the ability to help manage your organization’s time and finances. Our professional services include:Strategy Consultation. Financial strategy is the backbone of any business. We make sure you have the proper strategy that serves your business properly. Management Consulting. Implementing your Financial strategy can be difficult. We help streamline the process. Operations Consultation. We help you improve the performance of your financial operations by helping you with primary and secondary functions of your financial strategy.