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Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting is a three pronged approach for ascertaining a business’s long term and short term goals. Managed normally by an organization’s finance department under the Chief Financial Officer, or CFO’s guidance. At McNabb Lucuk LLP Chartered Professional Accountants, we emphasize and place high importance on your organization’s future. Having staying power through even the harshest economic situations is our goal for you. Providing the best and most professional advice is our bottom line. We can help you prosper at your best, or survive at your worst.

  • BudgetingOutlines the business’s comprehensive financial plans and executed normally on a  month to month basis.
  • Planning. Possibly the most important of all three is having a game plan. Determining your company’s financial direction and expectations and executed normally through a three to five-year plan.
  • Forecasting. The practice of using historical data to extrapolate a business’s financial course in future months, or years.




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