Corporate Tax

At McNabb Lucuk LLP Chartered Professional Accounts, we know that small and medium sized companies simply do not have the resources to employ their own internal tax function. Our clients depend on us to be professional taxation advisors. We file corporate income taxes in an accurate, streamlined and professional manner. Our diverse and comprehensive knowledge allows us to be Grande Prairie’s premier accounting firm by achieving robust bottom lines for our clientele.

We focus on the basic fundamentals of corporate tax. Acting as the corporate conscience during tax time, we manage your financial priorities. We have an extensive strategic portfolio that allows us to take action on extremely lucrative opportunities. Our accountants work hard to make sure that your hard earned money stays in your organization. Our experience has determined that effective corporate tax planning is based upon having a long-term perspective. Often times going after the short term goals can be quite appealing, however, they often lack sustainability and viability.

Our professionals take pride in our ability to be there side by side with our clients during the entire corporate taxation process. We keep in touch throughout the year to make sure that we can provide the best possible service. It’s our job to be at the table when it comes to tax planning, we maintain a close relationship through regular follow ups and discussions.

We handle everything from addressing the tax implications of employee bonuses to internal reorganizations and dividend splitting. Our key areas of focus are inclusive but not limited to:

  • Compensation planning
  • Representation before tax authorities
  • Corporate Income Tax Returns
  • Reorganizations
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • GST and other Sales Taxes

Corporate taxes are cumbersome and complicated. Let us take the burden off your shoulders. Our seasoned and expert accountants will implement and monitor a custom corporate taxation strategy that works for you.

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