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At McNabb Lucuk LLP Chartered Professional Accounts, we’re committed to offering you the highest grade of professionalism. Our professional team of accountants and consultants are here to guide you through Mergers and Acquisitions. Our process involves:

  • Reviews and Analysis. We provide detailed reports and analytics regarding the target company’s tax position. Areas of analysis include tax rate, account, compliance, contingencies and aggressive positions. Transfer pricing, tax attributes, carryforwards and change of control provisions are also included. Our primary area of concern is price and purchase agreement considerations.
  • Transaction Structuring. This can achieve synergies and significantly increase the value of a transaction. We’ll provide you with strategies on purchase price allocation, advice on pre-acquisition or disposal reorganizations. A review of your financing structure’s tax efficiency. This includes jurisdiction of financing vehicles and financial modelling of tax impacts on your business.
  • Post Acquisition Integration and Reorganization. Upon completion of a merger or acquisition, you will more than likely encounter complex questions concerning your new organization. We offer a streamlined process with advice on reorganizations that are required to integrate your new business operations. Included in our services are tax planning, refinancing strategies, and assistance with control returns, tax elections and coordination of tax policies such as Transfer Pricing.

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